Former FIFA vice president Jack Warner from Trinidad and Tobago was among the 14 officials charged in the Justice Department's investigation into global soccer corruption last week. On Sunday, Warner posted a video on Facebook to assert his innocence and rip the United States.

To bolster his case, Warner tried to expose the U.S. of being guilty of a double standard. His proof? An article published in the wake of the indictments titled FIFA Frantically Announces 2015 Summer World Cup In United States.

"If FIFA is so bad, why is it the USA wants to keep the FIFA World Cup?" Warner says on the video while holding a printout of the article.

The problem? The article is from The Onion, the satirical website.

Here's the video, and you can skip ahead to the 5:00 mark of this eight-minute clip to see his citing of The Onion's piece:

So how does Sepp Blatter keep winning re-election as FIFA president? He can thank guys like Jack Warner.

Warner, 72, faces 12 charges including accusations of accepting bribes in the process to determine hosts for the World Cup in 1998 (France) and 2010 (South Africa).

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