Urban Meyer thinks Tim Tebow has what it takes to be an NFL quarterback. In his mind, there's just one flaw holding the 2007 Heisman winner back.

"The problem with Tim, and this is the only problem, he creates so much conversation and distraction that I think that spooks some teams," said Meyer in an interview on The Dan Patrick Show.

Meyer went on to say that he's talked to several coaches who have dealt with Tebow at the NFL level. One of the top priorities for those coaches -- and most NFL coaches, for that matter -- is limiting distractions so players can focus.

Tebow's presence tends to invite distraction, even if the quarterback himself doesn't encourage it.

"All of a sudden, when ESPN has live people watching practice and every time you wake up there's 'Tim Tebow this, Tebow this, Tebow this,' and you're talking about a backup quarterback, that did wear on people," Meyer said.

After a season spent outside the NFL, and working with a known NFL throwing guru, Tebow impressed the Eagles enough to earn a one-year contract from the team. Tebow has been quiet, and the team plans on limiting his availability until later in the offseason, which should go a long way toward easing the media frenzy that tends to follow Tebow.

Still, it's hard to envision media members suddenly turning their backs on Tebow. And if he ever does make the regular-season roster or even see the playing field, it's likely to wake a sleeping giant.

That's what you get with Tebow. Hopefully, for his sake, his improved skills are worth the extra hassle.

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