Talk about loyalty and sacrifice. An Arizona man has pledged his allegiance to the Seattle Seahawks in a very visible way: He painted his entire house in team colors.

Actually, there's one small detail: He doesn't own the house. It belongs to the mother of his girlfriend.

OK, so maybe the sacrifice wasn't his. The point is, a man in Arizona is a serious Seahawks fan, and he wants you to know it. The house, which is painted in dark blue with green trim, has a "12th Fan" banner painted onto the roof, and the Seahawks logo adorns the front lawn.

Neighbors aren't thrilled about the display, which is well beyond the threshold of extreme. But Ashtin Fitzwater hopes his house can be a rallying point for other Seahawks fans who call Arizona home.

"There are a lot of 12s [in Arizona]," Fitzwater told KING5. "We need to come loud and be loud -- support the Hawks."

Seahawks-Patriots: Totally Not The X's & O's

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