By Mr. Madden
Pro Sports Daily

Dude Perfect are legends in the trick shot game, but every once in a while they put out funny videos that don't involve trick shots. This video breaks down all of the Super Bowl party stereotypes and gives us clear direction on who not to invite to our party.

We all know people who fall into all of these categories. The Super Bowl party that I attend at the end of every season is really just a glorified poker party with a ton of delicious food. We eat, drink, and play poker for six hours leading up to kickoff ... and then all but two or three of us head home before the game starts (or even worse during the first quarter of the game).

At our party we have several different personalities as well. We have:

1. The "I'm Only Here To Get Enough Poker League Games In To Qualify For The Grand Final" guy. This guy has no interest in football (or sports in general). He's a really great guy to hang out with on a normal day, but on Super Bowl Sunday he annoyingly tries to steer every conversation away from the big game.

2. The "I'm Only Here For The Food" guy. This burly individual also doesn't like football but an amazing buffet of bad-for-you food will draw flies like a giant pile of doggie poop. This guy is actually a valuable individual to have around because there is always way too much food for a group of guys with normal ingesting skills. Garbage guts.

3. The "I'm Going To Bring My Own BlueTooth Speakers And Blast Hipster Rock All Afternoon" guy. I have no problem with background music in normal circumstances, but music does not belong at the poker table. When you're watching the "World Series Of Poker on TV" you don't hear music blaring in the background. Why? Because it's distracting and causes people to attempt to talk over the music ... which leads to YELLING!!! Real poker players wear headphones and keep their dumpster rock away from unwanting ears.

4. The "I Love Football But I Prefer To Watch Sports By Myself In My Basement" guy. I, admittedly, fall into this category when my teams are involved in normal sporting events ... but the Super Bowl is different. As a Bears fan I may not have to even consider this for a while, but when they played the Colts in Super Bowl XLI I was there an took my beating like a man. Super Bowl parties involving fans with an actual rooting interest in the game make the game much more entertaining for everyone.

There is my quick list of four additional Super Bowl party stereotypes from the mind of a poker-serious Bears fan.

Dude Perfect will reportedly be doing some stuff for NBC Sports during Super Bowl week in Arizona. We look forward to seeing what will be on the menu from these guys.

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