Johnny Manziel flipped off the Washington Redskins bench. That is a fact. Cameras caught the Cleveland Browns' second-string (for the time being) quarterback throwing up a middle finger on Monday Night Football. Manziel subsequently said he made a "lapse of judgement."

The obvious question is "why?" Why would a young man whose maturity has been questioned put another dent in his résumé?

An easy answer would be it is part of Manziel's act. Dennis Rodman used to frequent Las Vegas to keep up his reputation. Metta World Peace is changing his name for a second time. Chad Johnson trained with an MLS club during the NFL lockout.

Again, that would be the easy answer. But based on this clip, Manziel did not seem to take pride in his decision. Instead, he looks frustrated he yet again had started a fire.

The bearer of the news is Rob McBurnett, the Browns communication coordinator. In other words, he's the man being paid to babysit Johnny Football.

It is certainly not uncommon for NFL players to get heated on the field. However, Manziel will need to learn to either harness that anger toward his own play or release away from the cameras (which could be tough since he is a focal point). This was only Manziel's second NFL preseason game, but he is off to a poor start.

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