Robert Horry is the latest NBA star to express his frustrations with AAU basketball.

Speaking at a Thuzio function, Horry said he was once so frustrated that he cursed out his son's AAU coach. The youth sports organization is often panned for not developing skills and catering to stars at the expense of other kids.

Kobe Bryant has said it was a blessing for him to have grown up in Italy because it meant he didn't have to get involved with AAU basketball.

"Basketball in America was getting f----- up with AAU shuffling players through on strength and athleticism," Bryant told Sports Illustrated. "I missed all that, and instead I was taught extreme fundamentals: footwork, footwork, footwork, how to create space, how to handle the ball, how to protect the ball, how to shoot the ball."

In 2011, Charles Barkley told XTRA Sports 910 in Phoenix that "AAU is the worst thing to happen to college basketball ever. I hate AAU more than anything in the world. These kids aren't getting good coaching. They're playing too many games and not working on their game enough."

Here's Horry's takedown of AAU:

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