Jay Glazer wears plenty of hats: NFL insider for Fox Sports. MMA trainer to NFL stars. Commercial spokesman for Subway sandwiches. So how does Glazer characterize himself? In a profile written by Drew Magary for the February issue of GQ magazine, Glazer sheds some light on his unorthodox and often profane but highly successful style.

"I'm an information broker," Glazer tells GQ. “People call me about players. Players call me about coaches: I’m a free agent -- do I want to work with this guy or this guy? Every locker room talks."

Connecting with people is a key part of how Glazer is able to deliver notable scoops on a regular basis. During this past NFL season, Glazer secured an interview with Dolphins lineman Richie Incognito, who had been suspended with the bullying situation with teammate Jonathan Martin. Magary writes, "... and weeks after the fact he still bristles at the accusation -- levied by lots of sports reporters at the time -- that he was soft on Incognito because they were friends."

The story continues ...

"I was ... right down the pipeline. Could’ve asked him a thousand times: He’s not going to admit he’s a racist.”

Did you think he was a racist?

"He’s an idiot."

Do you like Incognito?


But he’s an idiot. Why do you like him?

"I have a love for idiots. He’s a meathead, you know what I mean? I love everybody."

But it's not always easy. The story reveals an incident from the 2007 Pro Bowl after Peyton Manning made a lighthearted wisecrack to Glazer about the divorce of Michael Strahan, one of Glazer's best friends. In retrospect, Glazer says he didn't react properly by unloading with an expletive-laden rant.

"But here’s the kicker," Magary writes. "According to Glazer, he and Manning are totally cool now. Bros. This happens a lot in Glazer’s orbit. Glazer almost always mends his fences -- though not without a very real moment of tension first."

For the complete GQ profile of Jay Glazer, written by Drew Magary, go to GQ.com.

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