Because MLB's All-Star game is at Citi Field this year, the New York Mets have gotten to take the lead in the festivities, including watching franchise legends Mookie Wilson and Edgardo Alfonzo manage opposing teams in the Futures' Game. "We'll see what's going to happen and what kind of talent we have and think about what Bobby Valentine has taught me," Alfonzo said.

But as for trash talking, Alfonzo said the two haven't taken even playful shots at each other. Just the opposite, in fact.

"Sunday it’s a great opportunity, a great honor for me to be named the manager of the World Team, to hang out with the young guys," he said. "I think its going to be great. The only thing I don't like is going against my teammate."

Wilson and Alfonzo are also taking part in many of the FanFest activities, including helping out with T-Mobile sponsored clinics at FanFest where they'll be helping kids play baseball on a pretty real-looking field in the middle of a convention center in Manhattan.

As for what the Mets have to do to be relevant past the All-Star game, Alfonzo said it's a pretty simple solution: Win.

"They're trying to build a team," he said. "They’ve been doing that a couple of years little by little, it's not going to take to long to do it -- the main thing is they have a pitching staff they can be building around them."

He, however, has no plans to come back to help out. At least as a player.

As a coach, however? That, he said, is another story.