A source told ESPN.com that Nathan Tilford, a wide receiver in the eighth grade was offered a scholarship from the Trojans -- for a recruiting class far in the future.

Tilford, the report points out, is one of many underclassman the Trojans are recruiting but is the first for the class of 2017. A classmate of his, Dylan Moses, has reportedly received offers from Alabama, LSU, Texas and others.

While the idea of a commitment that early may seem outrageous, under NCAA rules, it holds little weight. The earliest Tilford can formerly sign a binding agreement with USC will be during his senior year. For the Trojans, who muddled through a 7-6 season last year under Lane Kiffin, it's quite possible that there will be a coaching change or change in recruiting priorities (they aren't bound to the agreement either) before Tilford ever puts on a college jersey.

It can, however, hurt his chances of being recruited heavily by other schools who, if choosing between two players of similar caliber, may consider him a waste of time if he made an early commitment.

It could work out, though: Take David Sills, for example. The quarterback committed to USC as a 13-year-old in 2010 and still, according to his Twitter account, plans to play for the Trojans come 2015.