In perhaps the saddest news ever for Taiwanese baseball fans (of which we've all learned so much about in recent years), Manny Ramirez is leaving the EDA Rhinos after three months, according to reports.

Ramirez, according to the AFP had a clause in his contract allowing him to opt out after three months. He reportedly told the team of his plans on Wednesday. The team said he told his teammates he missed his family.

"We've tried everything we could to see if he would like to change his mind," the Rhinos said in a statement.

Ramirez retired from MLB in 2011 after testing positive for taking performance enhancing drugs. His future plans are not immediately clear, but we all hope he'll consider a career that involves more Moonwalking. According to the website Focus Taiwan, there are rumors he is heading to Japan, where he will make considerably more money than he is making now.

It's also, let's be honest, possible he's just heading home.

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(h/t USA Today's For The Win)