Super Bowl XLVII is officially in the books. Here are my unadulterated thoughts on the super week that was...

1. Once you go Blackened you never go back.

2. The Ravens fans showed up in force. Niners fans were harder to find. Once again, the 80/20 rule in full effect.

3. Hurricanes taste a lot different at age 40 than they do at age 25.

4. The Tailgate Party Medallion handed to fans was Purple and Gold. These must have been made six months ago. How did they know the Ravens and Niners would be playing? I want to find out who made this decision and take them to Vegas next year.

5. Will the 49er fan who pulled the plug please identify yourself?

6. Can you please make a Super Bowl locker room cap that doesn't require a lineman's head to wear it?

7. Does Bourbon Street smell like urine year-round or just during big events?

8. The guy in front of me at the Super Bowl wearing his Steelers jersey didn't get the memo.

9. You can't just tell someone you will meet them at the Marriott Courtyard. Because there are seemingly 50 of them.

10. The Hurricane Katrina Memorial on Convention Center Blvd should not be missed.

11. The Maxim and Playboy parties have jumped the shark.

12. Does the free Papa John's pizza at the Media Center count toward Peyton's 2 million free pies?

13. The IMG dinner had 4 Manning men ... but Cooper stole the show.

14. Even though Cafe du Monde is open 24 hours, its beignets should not be consumed at 5 a.m.

15. Jonathan Ogden is a big, big man.

16. If Barry Sanders can't get into the VIP area, there's certainly no hope for me.

17. Étouffée is a-okay.

18. If you need to walk through the French Quarter without being accosted ... Chartres, Chartres, Chartres.

19. How do I get the job of Super Bowl party "girl wrangler"? Eight hundred beautiful women from all over the country shipped in for the big events. Forget Mel Kiper, I've got my own Big Board.

20. Why does Harrah's make me feel like I'm at a casino in rural Indiana. Perhaps it's the Fuddruckers. Or the crowd.

21. How did those beads get in there?

22. Drago's Restaurant at the Ravens' team hotel serves the most incredible char-grilled oysters with a breadcrumb, butter, parmesan topping. I think we know what team was the most virile this week.

23. If radio is a dying medium, then Radio Row must be Heaven.

24. Rob Gronkowski, his brothers, and his dad were everywhere this week. And his dad was partying harder than any of his kids. Apple meet tree.

25. New Orleans serves the right crab -- blue crab. Made Baltimore fans feel right at home.

26. They don't make spray washers strong enough to purify Bourbon Street.

27. They really should call them Un-Lucky Dogs.

28. New Orleans -- the only place in American where Penthouse and Hustler are relevant.

29. Is that Paul Prudhomme or Dom Deluise?

30. The Audi Event was classy, star-studded, great food and even better music. Don't know what any of this has to do with the car, but I'm glad Will Ferrell, Jeremy Renner and Jim Brown stopped by.

31. Special thanks to Sports Illustrated for basically copying's original story about deer antler two years ago and for its classy move of releasing it two hours before Media Day. Sorry, despite the clever ploy, you still won't get any sports fan under 35 years old to read it.

32. They should bring in the experienced snow-shoveling citizens of Green Bay to handle confetti removal duties.

33. I walked more in New Orleans than I do in New York.

34. When CBS is televising the Super Bowl, expect the unexpected. Wardrobe malfunctions, blackouts ... Les Moonves knows how to drive ratings!

35. Hey, did anyone hit that D-Day Museum?

36. The San Fran fans finally arrived on Saturday. Guess that's the benefit of having a private jet.

37. Walking into the Superdome this year brought back memories of the last Super Bowl in New Orleans in 2002. The first big, public event since 9/11. Lots of tension. This year, security was tight but a lot less frisky. Welcome to the new normal.

38. My high school locker room was bigger than the one the Ravens had. Good way to keep the press out.

39. No matter how excited you are about the Ravens win, there should be a mandated 24-hour cooling off period before getting any tattoos.

40. What does the the NickToons guy dressed as "Robin" do when he's not covering Media Day?

41. Did everyone else have to switch hotels every two nights?

42. Frenchman Street has been called the Lower East Side of New Orleans. Look out for cajun hipsters!

43. A week in New Orleans and it's clear why some of us have earned the nickname "Baltimorons".

44. Couldn't have been a better week for New Orleans natives Jacoby Jones and Ed Reed.

45. I want to get into the lanyard business. A two-cent piece of plastic retailing for $12 ... solid margins.

46. Last year, Eli Manning said he was "elite" and he won a Super Bowl. This year Joe Flacco said he was the best QB in the league and he went on to get his ring. Who is going to say it next year?

47. The general consensus among attendees: Every Super Bowl should be held in Nawlins. The event was both Big and Easy.

-- David Katz is the founder of Every Super Bowl he poses as a journalist. If you're bored, you can follow him on Twitter @katzmando.