Luther Campbell knows all about standing tall in the court of law.

In the early 90s, his rap group 2 Live Crew won an anti-obscenity case in federal appeals court and prevailed in the U.S. Supreme Court in a copyright case involving a parody of the Roy Orbison song "Oh, Pretty Woman."

So it should be no surprise that the legal process has been part of Campbell's exploits in football.

Campbell started a youth football program his Liberty City neighborhood in Miami after his rap career boomed. It became very successful and Campbell began coaching at the high school level in 2009.

But Campbell ran into trouble when the Florida's Education Practices Commission required him to become certified as a coach. That's when his past, which included sexually explicit lyrics and songs such as "Me So Horny," became an issue.

It's an intriguing story that HBO's "Real Sports" checks out in its latest edition, which premieres Tuesday at 10pm ET/PT. Here's a quick preview: