Being a New York Mets fan can be a brutal job. An average season may consist of overpaying players, random injuries, failing to reach high expectations, brutal media criticism and money lost by ownership in a Ponzi scheme.

Marylou Belles of Bethel, Conn., suffered through these experiences as a fan. But they are not why she died on July 13.

Belles' July 25 obituary in the Daily Courier-Observer, which serves the communities of Massena and Potsdam, N.Y., stated, "She was also a lifelong NY Mets fan though surprisingly, that wasn't what killed her."

Zing. Even Fred Wilpon might chuckle at that line.

According to the obituary, Belles "is survived by her daughter, Melinda Belles-Preston, son John Belles, and a pack of wily grandsons."

Maybe there is still hope for Melinda and John to persuade the wily grandsons from continuing the shame of rooting for the Amazin's, even if it won't necessarily won't kill them.


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