Everyone knows that Tim Duncan is much closer to his retirement than his prime, but the official boxscore from the Spurs-76ers game Sunday night re-iterated this point in an innovative way.

The Spurs were playing their third game in three nights, so coach Gregg Popovich gave the 35-year-old Duncan a rest. The stat crew in San Antonio decided to have some fun with this. Check out the reason why Duncan was listed as a DNP (Did Not Play):

The boxscore was distributed by the Associated Press, and more than one national outlet, including NBA.com, published this creative designation for Duncan's absence.

Despite not playing, Duncan still showed up in another spot within the boxscore. Referee Joey Crawford slapped Duncan, who was sitting on the Spurs bench, with a technical foul late in the game for arguing.

Based on that, it'd be tempting to call Duncan a grumpy old man, but that label might be better suited for Crawford, who was suspended in 2007 after he ejected Duncan from a game for laughing.

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