The Monday Lineup still thinks this is the worst haircut ever, right? It belongs to Buffalo Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, who had it shaved as part of a promise if WR Stevie Johnson was re-signed. He was, and Fitzpatrick followed through. Some promises should be broken, for the good of everyone involved.

Must Reads Of The Day
Jeff MacGregor makes the obvious point (among many) about the Saints' bounty scandal: it's a little silly to make such a big deal out of incentivizing violence when that's what the sport is all about. ESPN >>

There was a time when Lenny Cooke was the top rival for LeBron James as the two were high school stars. It's been a drastically different path for Cooke since then. New York Times >>

The Clippers feud with super fan Clipper Darrell is just another sad chapter in the saddest book of pro sports ownership. Dan Wetzel lets it rip. Yahoo! Sports >>

Homecourt is considered a huge edge in college basketball, and that goes beyond the crowd noise and the quirks of the floor. A lot of that edge may come down to the ball that is tossed to tip things off. New York Times >>

"During his first spring with the Washington Nationals, Bryce Harper answered to a different name. Bitch Boy." Well, then. Quite an opener by Jeff Passan. Stays strong as it goes. Yahoo! Sports >>

Sara Ganim has led with many of the breaks in the Jerry Sandusky saga at Penn State, becoming a journalistic star overnight. Glamour tried to get to know her a little better. Glamour >>

US Soccer star Clint Dempsey's brother, Ryan, is breaking out his journalism skills with a piece on what Jurgen Klinsmann thinks is key to developing the sport in the US. >>

Hyundai revealed the i-oniq hybrid, and it's a killer piece of car artwork, and even features doors that open up like a Lamborghini. Not too shabby. >>

Matt Ufford and Dan Rubenstein have had enough of Linsanity, and to self-medicate, look back at the other sports crazes that have created a media frenzy that has left many people nauseated. SB Nation >>

Great piece by Brian Costa about Mets pitcher Jeurys Familia and the long path his life has taken from Yaguate, Dominican Republic, seven years ago. Wall Street Journal >>

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Top Tweets
1) "Text from a friend: 'Jesus I go away for a mini vacation and come back to find that the Saints are the Genovese crime family.'" The Cajun Boy

2) "You know it is 2012 when Tiger Woods finishes second and a guy named Tom Gillis ties him." Shane Bacon, CBS Sports

3) "Rest in Peace Ralph McQuarrie, a hero for designing the original Star Wars films, and even more for refusing to do the sequels." Guy Endore-Kaiser

AM Video Round-up: Sweet high school put-back dunk followed by killer alley-oop

Assassin's Creed 3 trailer is out, and it's cool, even if you aren't a gamer

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