The Friday Lineup is stoked for the start of MLB spring training games, mostly as a distraction from more Peyton Manning stories (he's throwing harder today than he was yesterday, WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?!). Also, can you believe the Dodgers gave their batboy a tryout? Pretty cool story behind it.

Must Reads Of The Day
Chico Herrera (far right) has a baseball name. I suppose that's the half the battle, right? Anyway, the Dodgers batboy got a tryout thanks to a recommendation from pitcher Jon Garland. Big League Stew >>

An intense, descriptive piece from Jeff Passan on what Ryan Howard has gone through with his gnarly Achilles tendon tear, suffered in last year's NLDS. Yahoo! Sports >>

SB Nation's awesome YouTube programming release continues to impress. Today, Shutdown Fullback was released, starring Spencer Hall and Jason Kirk. It is quite good. Every Day Should Be Saturday >>

Another awesome spring training story about a guy that's been out of baseball for four years and is now mashing pitching as a non-roster invitee for the Braves. Atlanta Journal Constitution >>

Accelerating the learning curve for statistics and advanced metrics should come via video, argues True Hoop's Henry Abbott. ESPN >>

On the day everyone is celebrating the anniversary of Wilt Chamberlain's 100 point game, surprisingly (or not surprisingly), Bill Russell has no interest in joining in. CBS Sports >>

Apparently many of the New York Knicks have trouble sleeping. The team decided to find a doctor to help, but his work appears to be...questionable, at best. SB Nation >>

Is the issue in Charlotte that no one disagrees or challenges owner Michael Jordan? Charles Barkley thinks so, and Benjamin Hoffmann suspects Sir Charles has a point. New York Times >>

Cool story: a Division III basketball stud spends his days running the floor, and his nights running the washers -- as a janitor. FOX Sports >>

The style of hoops in the Big Ten is often under criticism for being slow and low-scoring. So what's the deal? Why is the conference plagued by this style of play? Wall Street Journal >>

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Top Tweets
1) "Fifty years ago today, Wilt scored 100. He didn't score last 46 seconds because "100 sounds better than 102." That is awesome." Joe Posnanski, Sports Illustrated

2) "The most hateful and angry internet commenters are the same people who are too timid to complain when served the wrong food at a restaurant." Celebrity Hot Tub

3) "My dad, on a fellow bus driver: "He had a machete at a grocery store once. Said 'there's no law against me carrying a machete.'" Craig Calcaterra, NBC Sports

AM Video Round-up: FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! The Philadelphia Union in Costa Rica

This is the worst college team rap video ever...nice job, Texas

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