The Thursday Lineup will not be a chat with the President of the United States. But hey, we'll link to it and give you plenty of links to read the day away after you finish. But before we start, is this ESPN headline offensive since Hines Ward is half Korean? There has been much debate. What do you think?

Must Reads Of The Day
If you haven't seen it already, Grantland's Bill Simmons sat down with President Obama to talk sports for about a half hour. It's a good listen, or read, whichever works for you. Also: jealous. Speaking with any sitting president is impressive. Grantland >>

After a damning piece was released in Sports Illustrated yesterday about UCLA basketball and head coach Ben Howland, Pat Forde says the coach has lost his way.Yahoo! Sports >>

Andrew Breitbart died, and Paul Azinger is enraged over some of the tweets he's seeing about Breitbart's passing. Deadspin has kept up with the rage, so you don't have to. Deadspin >>

The United States recorded a historic upset (of relatively minimal importance) with a 1-0 friendly win over Italy, and Martin Rogers takes a look at how Juergen Klinnsman's moves have paid off. Yahoo! Sports >>

The dudes in suits are making this college football playoff far more complicated than it needs to be, which is hardly surprising. Dan Wetzel breaks down how simple it really should be. Yahoo! Sports >>

A list of America's largest private land owners, in graphic form (pretty cool), and the list features Ted Turner, so it's sort of sports related. Who cares? Some of these guys own more land than some states have! I Can Has Internets >>

Competitive yoga? It exists, and is a sport. But still, that's sort of weird, right? How does it work and who wants to make it more competitive in the first place? Sara Beck has the answers. New York Times >>

This is fun: George Vecsey sits down with a Hofstra team whose undefeated season was sunk with a single shot 52 years ago. New York Times >>

Tiger Woods should be glad he never tried to become a Navy Seal, according to Ray Ratto. It certainly doesn't seem like much fun, anyway. Golfing does sound more fun. CBS Sports >>

SB Nation is launching a series of shows via YouTube, and they all look awesome. Bomani Jones kicks it off today. Definitely a feature to be checking out in the coming weeks. SB Nation >>

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Top Tweets
1) "Can't get over Howland allowing recreational drug use at UCLA. John Wooden never would have allowed a star like BIll Walton such leeway" Anthony Lima, FAN

2) "@richarddeitsch Waiting 4 someone to ask y [Bill Simmons] didn't ask [Obama] to prove he was on his h.s. hoops team. "Is there a record of u w/varsity letr?"" John Walters

3) "Turned on the TV just in time to hear Skip Bayless say "Can one of us please bring some reality to this discussion about Taylor Swift"." Brian Phillips, Run of Play

AM Video Round-up: Clint Dempsey scores game winner for USA against Italy

Gus Johnson goes crazy over Northwestern three-pointer

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