There's a lot of chatter about the imminent quarterback change in Denver, and nowhere is that chatter more relevant than in the team's locker room. Here were a few things "overheard" in the Broncos' locker room yesterday.

10. I don't care if he has memorized the playbook, does he know the Old Testament?

9. He wants to do what now? A forward pass? That's sounds so crazy it just might work!

8. Can we keep Tebow to harvest body parts for Peyton?

7. I hope he brings free packs of Double Stuff Oreos!

6. There goes the Santorum meet-and-greet.

5. I don't care if he is one of the greatest QB's ever, what is his stance on gay marriage?

4. Do we know how his black market neck will adapt to the high altitude?

3. Finally we can tell Favre to stop calling.

2. What am I gonna do with all these applications I got?

1. Is this the two-time Super Bowl winning Manning? No?

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