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Must Reads Of The Day
Kate Upton was photoshopped! (Allegedly to decrease her bust size.) If we can't trust the SI Swimsuit issue, who can we trust? Take a few minutes to think about your place in the universe. Shutdown Corner >>

Sally Jenkins napalms Randy Edsall. Seriously. There is no ambiguity in this one. WSJ >>

On the death of Gary Carter, Yahoo! MLB columnist Tim Brown talks about what the hall of fame catcher meant to him and to everyone else. Yahoo! Sports >>

And then Jay Jaffe of Baseball Prospectus puts Carter's career in context, comparing him to guys like Johnny Bench and Carlton Fisk. Baseball Prospectus >>

Chris Jones kills it again (perhaps the wrong way to describe this one) with his piece on the Zanesville exotic animal mess earlier this year. If you haven't read it yet, do so. Esquire >>

Archer is an exceptional program and if you are not watching, you're entering the danger zone. Slate >>

Trying to figure out whether this Lin-Carmelo thing will work, while also trying to sift through the noise? Brett Koremenos of HoopSpeak cuts through Linsanity to find the substance. HoopSpeak >>

How do you feel about RBI? Relevant? Completely useless? Baseball Prospectus takes a complete look at the statistic and explains why it's stupid. That's right. We said it. Baseball Prospectus >>

The New York Times' David Brooks would like to make the Jeremy Lin discussion about religion. New York Times >>

New meaning for "Airing your dirty laundry"...Minnesota man accused of swiping $25,000 worth of Tide. TwinCities.com >>

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Top Tweets From Yesterday
1) "Some pro lacrosse players brawled with Foot Locker employees at a TGI Fridays http://sbn.to/xBbEpN Too many mudslides, probably" SB Nation

2) "Top movie this Happy Gilmore never heard of it till today. Very humorous, if one says so oneself. Has it only just come out?" Joey Barton, QPR Captain

3) "RIP, Gary Carter. My RBI Baseball memories include far too many late game homers by you. Even in 8-bit, you were clutch." Spencer Hall, Every Day Should Be Saturday

AM Video Round-up: Texter Falls on Face

Ryan Reynolds makes you more jealous by driving awesomely on Top Gear

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