The Tuesday Lineup thinks every NASCAR race should be on Monday nights. Also, it had enough explosions to be a Michael Bay flick with Megan Fox as Danica Patrick. That'd work, right?

Must Reads Of The Day
It had fire, rain and wrecks. Just another run-of-the-mill Daytona 500. Dan Wetzel recaps the strangest night in a while in NASCAR, and how it all wrapped up. Yahoo! Sports >>

The Daytona 500 was supposed to jump start a season of serious anticipation for Jimmie Johnson and Danica Patrick. That ended with a wreck right after the race started. Yahoo! Sports >>

And Jeff Passan continued his deadline fury with another piece on Brad Keselowski making a little history during the fire delay by tweeting. Yahoo! Sports >>

It's a busy time of year with NASCAR, NBA, NHL and NCAA basketball all in full force. Tough to fit all of them in one show, sure, but ESPN completely ignoring the NHL trade deadline? Ouch. Awful Announcing >>

Cool story by Hunter Atkins on Andre Emmett, and the perilousness of the 10-day NBA contract. The same sort of situation that led to Jeremy Lin's breakout. New York Times >>

Jason Sullivan takes us back in time in a cool piece that looks at the Jason Varitek the Mariners traded away in 1997, now that the catcher has announced his retirement. SB Nation >>

Scott Miller with a piece on Mat Gamel, who will be called on to take over for Prince Fielder in Milwaukee. CBS Sports >>

Ray Ratto on the absurd war of words that can't end well in any way for Terry Francona and Bobby Valentine, the former and current Red Sox managers. CBS Sports >>

Gabriele Marcotti with an awesome piece on the ghost goals that haunt soccer, following a complete mess between Juventus and AC Milan. Wall Street Journal >>

This is fun: Chris Erskine talks to the pros about the many ways to break in a baseball glove, at the time of year when most gloves are getting worked over in preparation for the season. Los Angeles Times >>

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2) "It's nice to know that, even in these cynical times, we can all come together to enjoy watching Something On Fire That Isn't Supposed To Be." Celebrity Hot Tub

3) "BAYtona'" Will McCameron

AM Video Round-up: A British comedian's take on announcing NBA hoops.

World record paper airplane throw is awesome.

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