The Wednesday Lineup ushers you through the halfway point with weirdness, as a race car driver is burdened by a sports car and an abusive pop star is called out to fight. I'm sure there are other things tucked in here that are awesome, but those just stand out. Go figure.

Must Reads Of The Day
Danica Patrick with a truly first world problem: she's decided the Lamborghini she owns just isn't practical, and has switched to a slick SUV. Amusing stuff from Dan Wetzel. Yahoo! Sports >>

A man is openly challenging woman-beating (the lovely Rihanna, no less) Chris Brown to an MMA fight via Twitter, citing that Brown's punishment, handed down by the courts, wasn't severe enough. The Big Lead >>

Jeff Passan visits the Red Sox in Ft. Myers, and checks out how Bobby Valentine's managerial style is working with his new club. Yahoo! Sports >>

Thayer Evans lays into Kentucky head coach John Calipari and what Evans deems his underachieving ways. Fox Sports >>

Hey, while we're hammering people for their transgressions, Tyler Kepner thumps Manny Ramirez. New York Times >>

Incredibly inspiring story from a 13-year old girl in Kansas City, who has faced two cancers, blindness, two hernias and a stroke. Seriously. Kansas City Star >>

Nike is tweaking the Mizzou football uniforms, and more sneak peeks keep appearing around the web. This latest version gives the best hints. Mizzou Uniforms 2012? >>

Was Brady Quinn unfairly singled out in a piece that included a number of opinions on Tim Tebow and his career path? Deadspin >>

Keith Closs reveals he was drinking during NBA games. Crazy. SB Nation >>

Kevin Clark breaks down their game and proclaims it's too early to give up on Jeremy Lin and Carmelo Anthony working together. Which is smart, even if plenty of other people are chirping about the inevitability after a couple games. WSJ >>

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Top Tweets
1) "[wanking motion] RT @TerpsInsider: Edsall: 'At the end of the day, I want what's best for these guys and I wish them well in their futures.'" Adam Kramer, KegsnEggs

2) "These Nike+ shoes need to quantify Old Man Game. Share your upfakes, jump stops and crisp passes with your friends!" Beckley Mason, ESPN

3) "Skip Bayless and Stephen A are debating Christian doctrine on First Take right now. Jesus..." Ty Duffy, The Big Lead

AM Video Round-up: Jimmy Kimmel asks people on the street if they've every flashed anyone

Can't walk without crutches? Must dance like a boss with them!

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