Everyone's thinking about the NFL playoffs, but a lot of football destinies are about to play out in Orlando and Mobile. The East-West Shrine Game is this week, and the Senior Bowl comes right after. NFL scouts will be grilling and grading the nation's top future pros. And believe it or not, some names are already making a name based on good interviews or bad vibes. I went to my first Senior Bowl in 2000, and I was on the field interviewing Jon Gruden when I started hearing murmurs about a guy from the University of New Mexico with a strange name. Slowly but surely, scouts and coaches started gathering near a defensive drill, where the prospect in question was clearly dominating. I spotted his name: "Urlacher." The future Bear became the talk of the hotel lobby, and 11 years later, the "guy from New Mexico" is a game away from his second Super Bowl. The next Brian Urlacher is about to blow up, maybe as you read this sentence.