Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz is out of the office. He’s in someone’s living room, promising a nervous parent that he will take care of his teenage boy and turn him into a man. He is probably saying something about responsibility and honor and doing the right thing. That’s the Iowa way. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be the Ferentz way. Thirteen of Ferentz’s players were admitted to the hospital after conditioning workouts brutal enough to turn their urine brown. They may be there for up to a week. That’s not one kid who had a big breakfast and got sick after a couple of suicides. That’s an entire first-team plus two backups.

Here’s a portion of the press release: “The Hawkeye football players admitted to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics were all participating in NCAA allowable winter workouts. The symptoms, for which the student-athletes are being treated, are likely related to those workouts.” Guess there’s no “I” in Iowa. And the Iowa coach apparently didn’t need to show up at the press conference to address the situation. He was out bringing in more talent. He was out talking about responsibility and honor and doing the right thing. Recruits should ask Ferentz to define those terms.

What's your take?