They waited too long.

All the emotion was with the Jets going into Sunday's game in Pittsburgh. So where was it in a first half featuring a defense that couldn’t “stop a nosebleed” (or Rashard Mendenhall), and an offense producing 77 yards in 30 minutes? If they played with emotion for just five minutes of that first half, they would’ve won. Because in the second half, they found it. The defense gave up zero points. Sanchez did everything he could. Countless guys fought through injuries. But no matter how big your heart is, you can’t win if you’re only there for half the battle. Not against that defense and that quarterback. During the first half, the Jets weren’t there. They were lifeless shadows of themselves. In the second half, they looked like the champions they were so close to becoming, with a will stronger than any 21-point deficit.

It was too late.

They waited too long to show up. As a result, Jets fans will have to keep waiting for the day when this team will finally stop breaking their hearts. Forty-three years. Right now, it feels like the waiting will never end.