Just how stylish is Henrik Lundqvist?

The 31-year-old New York Rangers goalie, who has been voted Most Stylish Athlete and is widely recognized as one of the most handsome pros around, is so stylish that even when he's not supposed to be the star of an ad, he'll usually end up stealing the spotlight.

That's the case in a spot released recently by Head and Shoulders. At first we see Sofi Fahrman, a popular Swedish journalist and fashion reporter, picking up a bottle of shampoo while seductive music plays in the background.

But Fahrman isn't sexy enough for director Henrik Lundqvist, so naturally he shows her how it's done. And of course he nails it in one take.

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With such a gorgeous face, it's a true shame that Lundqvist has to wear a mask while playing goalie.

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Wilson Kipsang set a new world record at the Berlin Marathon, finishing the race Sunday in 2 hours 3 minutes 23 seconds, knocking 15 seconds off the mark set two years ago by fellow Kenyan Patrick Makau.

With that in mind, you might be surprised to learn that Kipsang wasn't the first person across the finish line in Berlin.

That honor went to a sleazy escort-site promoter who jumped onto the track for the final few steps. This man stayed just ahead of Kipsang and managed to beat him to the tape. The stunt is disgraceful in any setting, but especially unfortunate here considering that Kipsang was about to set a new record.

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Jeré Longman of the New York Times writes that even though there was increased security in Berin following the bombings at the Boston Marathon, the man was able to slip through unnoticed . The man was apprehended and charged with trespassing.

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A monster truck driver at a rally in Mexico gave fans a serious scare before gaining control of the vehicle just in time to prevent what would have been a terrifying accident.

This video comes from the Monster Truck Showdown in Reynosa, Mexico. As you can see, the trucks on the course are going about their business when, all of a sudden, it appears the driver of one of the trucks loses control of his vehicle.

The truck comes barreling toward the stands, and for a moment things look really bad. But the driver stops the truck just in the nick of time.

The action starts at the 1:25 mark of the video below (and you might want to dial down the volume on your computer for this one):

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A couple high school tuba players ended their weeks on a sour note Friday night when, in the middle of a performance, they came tumbling down in what can only be described as a six-tuba pileup.

A YouTube user named Wes Rowe uploaded this video over the weekend, and in just a few days its gained more than 100,000 views. Rowe writes:

An unnamed high school marching band playing their halftime show- has their entire tuba section fall like dominos backwards one at a time into a giant pile.
(nobody was hurt but two tubas did get damaged)

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This is probably a tuba player's worst nightmare, but all things considered, these high schoolers recovered well.

The video is also the subject of a thread on Reddit, and a man claiming to be the band's director even commented on the page to say that everyone was OK:

"I'm the band director of this band and a big redditor, since nobody got hurt and our band program is super legit I can safely say this is awesome. I'm glad this made it to reddit, go cavalier band!"

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It was just your typical bit of testiness on the basketball court. Some trash talk. A push. Then a bump.

And a kiss?

Check out this WNBA sequence between Diana Taurasi of Phoenix and Seimone Augustus of Minnesota in Thursday night's playoff game. Taurasi, perhaps frustrated that her team was getting smoked, starts getting physical with Augustus.

But when the two players come face to face, Taurasi gets creative and plants a kiss on Augustus' cheek.

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Taurasi and Augustus were whistled for double fouls with 8:18 left in the fourth quarter. Phoenix trailed by 26 at that point and eventually lost 85-62 in the opening game of the Western Conference finals.

It's just too bad that Bill Raftery wasn't calling this game.

"With the kiss!"

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Let's face it, we could all use a personal pit crew.

Whether it's to help make dinner or to assist in cleaning the garage, there are times when it would be really nice to have a crew of five or six to help out.

Greg Biffle's crew, the Pit Bulls, recently filmed a hilarious short video demonstrating what it might be like for a normal family to have a personal pit crew. While there were a couple of hiccups, for the most part things go pretty smoothly.

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And as it turns out, this video may turn into a reality for one lucky winner. The ACE Brand from 3M company, in partnership with Roush Racing, recently launched the ACE Brand Personal Pit Crew Sweepstakes. People around the country are encouraged to respond to the question "If you could have your own personal pit crew help with a project, what would it be?"

Fans can enter their project ideas at ACEBrand.com/PersonalPitCrew for the contest, which opened this week and ends Oct. 31. One winner will get a team of professionals to complete their project.

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Last year the country was enthralled by a young girl named Sam Gordon.

A 9-year-old from the Salt Lake City area, Sam was running through and past her competition. Her highlight videos went viral, and before long she was on the cover of a Wheaties box.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell even invited Sam to sit next to him at the Super Bowl in New Orleans.

Now there's another young girl dominating her pee wee league, and this time she's even younger. Allow us to introduce Jayda Duplessis, a 6-year-old from New Orleans. Jayda, the only girl in her league, has been on a touchdown streak. She scored twice for the McDonogh Tigers this week, had two touchdowns and a fumble recovery last week and in her first game she recovered a fumble and ran it back for a score.

Check out Jayda's highlights below, via WWLTV:

Not too shabby for a kid in her first year of organized football.

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After deployment to southern Afghanistan separated Captain Jane Renee "JR" Lund from her 13-year-old daughter, Bella, for five months, the mother and daughter reconnected in one of the most heartwarming ways possible.

During halftime of Saturday's football game in Madison between Wisconsin and Purdue, Lund surprised her daughter by appearing on the field.

Below is the wonderful video of the mother-daughter reunion that happened to take place in front of 80,000 fans.

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These videos never get old.

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Just when you think you've seen every marriage proposal imaginable, a video pops up of a guy proposing to his girlfriend while they're speeding through a lake on a wakesurf.


A man named Matthew Gencarella posted this video of himself proposing to a woman in one of the most creative ways we've ever seen. The couple is wakesurfing together when, all of a sudden, he gets down on one knee and asks for her hand in marriage.

Her reaction is wonderful, as is the final scene on the wakesurf when the couple is thrown, hand in hand, into the water.

In the YouTube description, Matthew writes: "As a man you have one opportunity to do the biggest surprise of your life, your proposal. This was my way of creating that once-in-a-lifetime, never-been-done, proposal and having some fun in the process...This is My Proposal! Brynn Hathaway I love you!!!"

The clip picked up more than 85,000 views in its first 24 hours.

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If you've ever watched TV, you probably know the Geico commerical: A camel walks through an office hilariously asking "GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS?" until he finally gets the answer he's looking for: Hump Day.

Earlier this week, some St. Louis Cardinal players featuring Joe Kelly decided to re-enact the commercial in their locker room, with their very own camel.

Check out the results below:

And of course, the original for comparison. We'd say the impression is pretty spot-on.

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(h/t Yardbarker)

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