If you've ever wondered what the video game "Super Mario Brothers" would look like in real life, you now have a solid approximation.

Two Parkour experts, Ronnie Shalvis and Christian Russell, played the roles of Luigi and Mario in this stunning new video. Thanks to their incredible athleticism, and some solid editing, this clip is a must-watch.

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The details in this video are spectacular, right down to how often Mario's hat falls off his head. For those of you who have played this game, that should bring back some memories.

For reference, here's what the game actually looked like:

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Baseball is supposed to bring out the kid in all of us, and perhaps that is much easier to do when you're on a winning surge like the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Consider this scene from the Dodgers dugout during the late stages of their game Tuesday night against the Cubs. Juan Uribe and Ryu Hyun-jin act like brothers stuck next to each other in the back seat on a long car ride. All this clip needs a parent telling these two rascals to settle down or there will be no dessert tonight.

This is hardly the first bit of friendly jostling between Uribe and Ryu. But even brothers who love each other can take it too far sometimes.

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A great thing about winning championships is even if you get eventually cut from the team, your stock for endorsements instantly goes up. Take, for example, Mike Miller, who seems to be endorsing Zumba now, according to a video uploaded earlier this summer and discovered by Reddit users this week.

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Miller signed with the Grizzlies this summer after being released by the Heat. We're glad he's staying in shape.

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Perhaps not since Landry Fields and Jeremy Lin's widely embraced handshake when the duo were on the Knicks has there been one as complicated as what two San Francisco Giants showed off this week.

Pablo Sandoval and Hunter Pence turned the usual high five/congratulatory slap into a sort of dance routine. It begins with the usual fist bump, then the elbow touch, a finger to the sky and then a salsa dance.

By comparison, Lin and Fields:

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Candace Parker, the Los Angeles Sparks' star center, may want to be a little more gentle with her celebrations going forward.

During the first overtime of the Sparks' game against the Tulsa Shock over the weekend, Parker ran up to teammate Nneka Ogwumike to celebrate her bucket with 44 seconds left in the game. But Parker accidentally hit Ogwumike above the eye, which caused Ogwumike to start bleeding.

Here's the play:


Ogwumike returned to the game and scored six straight buckets at the end of the second overtime to help lead the Sparks the victory. Later she joked about the incident on Twitter and Instagram:

Theo Pinson is a five-star recruit, 6-foot-6 and committed to play hoops at North Carolina after he graduates high school next year.

But who would trust a high school senior to dunk over their head?

Apparently his mother.

At the Under Armour Elite 24 Dunk Contest over the weekend, Pinson won with a dunk that may have even made a splash in the NBA Dunk Contest. And definitely would have gotten him in big trouble if he had failed.

Check it out below:

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UNC currently holds the top spot on ESPN's recruiting rankings for the class of 2014.

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As anyone who has ever played baseball knows, sometimes it gets boring when you're sitting in the clubhouse. So, to keep themselves amused, some of the Atlanta Braves pulled the good old "putting gum on your teammate's hat" trick to Chris Johnson.

Luckily, before he had to play any actual baseball, he realized what happened.

As the announcer said "Oopsie daisies!"

We'd feel bad for Johnson, who was sidelined with turf toe, but we're pretty sure the prank war in the clubhouse won't end there and it's also probable they get a lot of free hats.

The Braves, for the record, topped the Cardinals in that game to keep their NL-best record.

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Combine Devin Graham, the extremely popular YouTube videographer, with a human bungee slingshot and what do you get?

One amazing, dizzying and extremely fun-looking video.

Graham (aka devinsupertramp), got creative with his filming, and in addition to some wonderful aerial shots, this video allows the viewer to tag along with the slingshot riders.

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As we've seen before, the human slingshot is also available for wedding parties.

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Now that Kobe Bryant is getting to that age where everyone starts whispering the R-Word, it's time to start displaying some of his other talents. The Black Mamba displayed one* of these in a new commercial for Lenovo: playing the piano.

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*It is totally possible this is the piano playing equivalent of lip syncing, but it's Bryant's birthday and he's having a rough summer so we'll give this one to him. Also, it doesn't seem improbable that Bryant plays the piano this well. Earlier this year, he tweeted out this picture:

In other Kobe Bryant birthday news:

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We may not have a team of tumbling Olympians to fixate on this summer, but we do have Ozell Williams.

Williams is a tumbler and former national champion cheerleader who is the star of this incredible video. The video's popularity has exploded in recent days and is featured on sites like Viral Viral Videos and What's Trending. It stands at more than 1.2 million views on YouTube.

He takes his floor routine to the street and the park, and the results are incredible. Simply watching him pull off these flips, twirls and jumps may make you dizzy.

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