Jeremy Lin had a solid game at a San Francisco Pro-Am over the weekend, dropping 45 points and dishing countless dimes.

But the sequence from the game that will be replayed countless times is one that Lin would probably like to forget.

During a fast break, Drew Gordon took a pass from a teammate off the backboard and slammed it home. Lin went up to try and stop Gordon, and, well, things didn't turn out so well.

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Chris Bosh appeared on Conan Wednesday night to talk about the important things in life: Photo-bombing, champagne (it burns, he said) and almost losing LeBron James in the victory parade after he nearly hit his head on the bridge.

Our favorite part, perhaps, is when O'Brien asks him about the finish to Game 6.

"Game 6 was one of the most exciting endings to a game I've seen," O'Brien tells him.

"Yeah," Bosh replied. "Me too."

On photobombing, Bosh said being on a team that actually wins is "really fun." "I love the cameras," he said. "When I see it, I'm like 'what can be funny right now?' And if I'm on the court, I'm like 'how can I mess with this dude?'"

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How many minor league baseball players does it take to catch a loose cat? Apparently quite a few. On Sunday afternoon, the Hillsboro Hops and Everett AquaSox were delayed after the foxy feline found its way onto the field.

Perhaps the best part of this video is the announcer's play-by-play criticism of their methods in capturing the cat.

"What they really should have done ... they got him going in the wrong direction now," he said, as the cat continued to outsmart a large part of the Hillsboro team.

The cat was eventually apprehended, and Everett won the game, 6-5.


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Toronto shortstop Munenori Kawasaki was apparently thrilled about the Blue Jays' win over the Baltimore Orioles this weekend to give the squad 11 straight in the W column.

Or, it is possible, he just likes to dance.

Jose Bautista filmed the celebration on the team's plane, using Instagram. It was a great example of why we should be thrilled videos are no longer constrained to just six seconds on social media.

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Sadly, Kawasaki, the Toronto Star points out, will likely be booted from the starting lineup with Jose Reyes returns.

"He's a great story," Jays manager John Gibbons told the newspaper. "We signed him and he was in spring training and no one knew much about him, but he’s doing things now that just make you feel good."

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Maybe it was wishful thinking for a San Antonio fan who works behind the scenes at NBA TV, but the network televised a commercial pushing 2013 NBA championship gear for the Spurs.

The Spurs, who put up a great fight against the Miami Heat in the series, are definitely champions in our hearts.

But, sadly for the San Antonio fans who may have thought they woke up from a bad dream and their team had won the title, they won't be the champions according to gear hanging in their closets.

No matter what the commercials say.

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LeBron James decided he was going to boycott his social media accounts during the NBA playoffs so he could focus on basketball. Turned out to be a smart move as the Heat prevailed against the Spurs to repeat as NBA champions.

On the day after the Heat won Game 7 of the Finals, LeBron returned to Twitter by posting a video on Instragram in which he seems very pleased with himself (while also dropping a PG-13 word along the way).

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Drake is getting sued by Spurs point guard Tony Parker for his alleged role in a nightclub brawl last summer, but it didn't stop him from showing up at Game 7 on Thursday night.

And though it wasn't Parker's doing most likely, he was stopped from getting into celebrate with the Heat in their locker room following the victory.

"Just media, just media," the security guard tells the rapper in a video that surfaced today and a crowd of people trying to get in.

"Drake," was one of his friends' replies. "It's Drake."

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The security guard seemed unmoved, but luckily according to Rachel Nichols, Drake caught up with the Heat later.

(h/t USA Today's For The Win)

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In today's edition of things that really aren't worth going this crazy for: More than 1,000 people mobbed the soccer star during his visit to a Chinese university. Seven people were injured, according to the Associated Press, during the mob.

According to reports, the fans broke through a gate and a line of security guards. Beckham's appearance was eventually cancelled.

According to the AP, Beckham is in town for a week-long promotional tour for the country's Super League. On his account on the microblogging service Sino Weibo, he reportedly wrote that he wished for a speedy recovery for the victims.

Watch the insanity below:

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Here's another look at the insanity (h/t Deadspin)

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A life lesson for sports fans from everywhere, most importantly Miami Heat fans leading into Game 7: If you didn't see the buzzer sound, don't give television interviews.

After Game 5, a local Miami TV station interviewed fans (who have been slammed by everyone around the country including Heat players for leaving early) who seemed devastated that their home team fell to the Spurs.

"It wasn't our year," said one fan. "It's OK. They tried."

We're guessing that after this video, it's not only Freezy who won't be invited back.

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Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce you to Ben Lapps.

A popular musician with a strong following, Lapps shows in his most recent video shows that he can do more than strum the guitar.

In the video, Lapps plays a song on the guitar and expertly incorporates the basketball without missing a beat.

And, of course, he sinks a basket to cap off his impressive performance.

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