Is mid-interviewing video bombing the next 'Call Me Maybe' for college baseball teams? Members of the Minnesota Gophers' squad decided to sit down for a quick shave behind coach John Anderson's mid-game interview on the Big Ten Network.

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Perhaps the best part of the prank by Bobby Juan, JT Canakes and Chris Schaaf is that Anderson is completely oblivious to what's going on:

"It seems like your team is nice and loose and the dugout behind you," the interviewer told him.

"Yeah I think so," he replied.

Minnesota, for the record, lost that game against Nebraska and was eliminated from the Big Ten tournament.

(h/t Deadspin)

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If it were only this easy to change allegiances.

In a new, trending video, a young Mets fan named Aidan lets out anguish over his team's early struggles. He just wants a chance, he says. A chance for what?

To be a Yankees fan.

But, of course, if the Yankees started losing, he would root for the Mets (assuming the Mets were winning). Naturally, his father takes this opportunity to explain to his son the idea of a "front-runner."

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Three months and 11 million views after the release of his first trick shot video, 2-year-old and Internet sensation Titus is back with another compilation.

And his new video may be even more impressive than the original, which ended up being featured in commercial for Sprint.

The video includes celebrity cameos from Jimmy Kimmel (whom Titus beat in a shooting competition earlier this year) as well as Wichita State head coach Gregg Marshall. Hopefully this isn't some kind of recruiting violation.

If the cameos don't do it for you, the shots will. Titus sinks shots on all sorts of baskets, even tossing in a ball while blindfolded. And the grand finale is something you've got to see to believe:

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Sometimes, a crazy, epic trick shot takes 200 tries.

Other times, it takes just one.

The trick shot gurus "How Ridiculous" recently posted this video, in which a man slides down a sand hill at the beach, jumps into the water, catches a basketball and sinks an incredibly impressive shot.

And, amazingly, he made it on his first try (or so they say in the video's YouTube description).

Check it out for yourself:

Streakers are normally harmless parts of sports, at worst resulting in an annoying delay and parents rushing to cover their children's eyes. But in one game in Finland's Veikkausliiga, players for one team found it anything but humorous. The ill-timed streaker was quickly tackled, but not before causing a goal by league-leading HJK to be nullified because of interference.

That's defender Mathias Lindström, according to 101GreatGoals, who gets revenge with his solid rugby tackle.

Despite the setback, HJK beat RoPS 2-0.

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PBA Hall of Famer Parker Bohn III took some time out of his regular bowling schedule to check out a piece of bowling history: The Holler House in Milwaukee, which houses the oldest sanctioned bowling alley. The bowling lanes are part of the larger tavern and celebrated its 100th birthday in 2008.

To work the lanes, which can still be used by regular customers, so-called "pin boys" have to reload the manual pin mechanism by hand and help roll balls back to bowlers.

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According to the Associated Press, in 2008 when the bowling lanes went through their first cleaning in about 40 years, five wooden bowling balls, each with only two finger holes and weighing about 15 pounds were found.

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Dunking is nothing new to the WNBA, but having a player like Brittney Griner do it more regularly will change the game immensely -- and also could draw in some more fans.

The first pick in this year's WNBA draft became the first player in the league to dunk twice in a game, and she also added an incredible block and put-backs for Phoenix in Monday's opener against Chicago.

We know -- the WNBA may not be your favorite sport. But with Griner, Elena Delle Donne and Skylar Diggins, the top three picks in this year's draft, starting their careers, the league is bound to get more exciting. At the very least, these clips below are worth a second look, like this block.

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Griner had 17 points, eight rebounds and four blocks in her team's 102-80 loss, in which Delle Donne had 22 points for Chicago. Despite the defeat, there is going to be plenty of buzz for Griner's dunks, including a two-handed slam on the second

And in slow motion:

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There's no better way to end Memorial Day weekend than with this video. Lieutenant Brandon Neel surprised his parents at the Dodgers game against the St. Louis Cardinals this weekend. Neel's parents were being interviewed when he surprised them.

Around Major League Baseball, the league worked to honor service members in numerous other ways including special camouflage uniforms and a moment of silence. "Major League Baseball considers it both a privilege and a responsibility to honor and assist our troops in any way we can," Commissioner Bud Selig said. "We are proud to support this initiative, and we ask our fans to join us on Memorial Day and beyond in this effort to raise awareness and funds for this important cause."

But nothing really compares to the sweetness of surprise reunions.

More From Dodger Stadium: Matt Kemp Flies Terminally Ill Fan To See Game In Los Angeles

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It's only been a few days of OTAs but apparently Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles has had enough of all of those drills that running backs have to do. So in a hilarious Vine posted this week, he asks for one simple thing: The great life of a punter.

Charles' complaint comes after seeing Chiefs punter Dustin Colquitt taking a nap in the middle of the locker room.

Charles, it should be noted, is making $1.75 million in the 2013-14 season, according to Rotoworld while Colquitt, the league's highest-paid punter, will make $950,000.

No word on Andy Reid's thoughts on the Vine. But the running back seems to be taking a liking to the short video technology -- he also posted some Vines of the Chiefs' lunch room and an ATM machine.

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He may not be as talented as Metta World Peace as a TV weatherman, but Hulk Hogan took a shot at it this week on a local Tampa Bay station.

At one point, Hogan begins to tell the audience the weather, before realizing, "Oh, I'm supposed to read it off there."

For the most part, Hogan helped the station's normal weatherman read off the screen, but he manages to include an imitation of Randy (Macho Man) Savage's signature line, "Oooohhhh yeeeaaahh!" Hogan got into his groove at the end of the nearly four-minute segment with a flawless rundown of the seven-day forecast.

"What you gonna do when the beautiful weather that Hulk Hogan moved all of the clouds out of the weather shines on you," he asked. "What you gonna do, brother?"

Luckily, Hogan wasn't there as a weatherman tryout -- he was plugging TNA Impact Wrestling.

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