Even for Daniel Bodin, an accomplished extreme athlete, a recent feat was pretty special.

For the past six months the 28-year-old Bodin and some friends worked together to build a 50-foot high ski jump in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. But Bodin, being the daredevil that he is, did not use the jump for skiing-related activities.

Instead, Bodin drove a snowmobile off the jump. And he shot 220 feet into the air.

Of all the bizarre things Metta World Peace has done, filming himself hopped up on anesthesia after surgery may be one of the weirdest.

After an operation to repair the torn lateral meniscus in his left knee a few days ago, the Los Angeles Lakers forward recorded a bizarre conversation he had with a hospital employee and sent it to Comedy Central.

World Peace asks the woman (presumably a nurse of some sort) if she and her coworkers party in the hospital. He also wants to know if another patient is "drunk like me."

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World Peace also took to Twitter after his surgery, sending out several strange tweets.

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There's not much excitement on the court at Detroit Pistons games, so lately fans have been turning to the stands for their entertainment.

Shannon Sailes, a 45-year-old usher, has become a bonafide dancing sensation in Detroit. Every so often, during breaks in the action at games, the camera will turn to Sailes and he will bust a move.

Sailes told the Detroit Free Press that the tradition started rather innocuously.

"They put the (big-screen) camera on me one day, and I just ... did what I did, you know," Sailes said. "I started dancing, and it was great. The crowd responded real well. So after that, I just said, if they put the camera on me, I'm gonna keep dancin'."

As you can see below, the crowd goes wild whenever Sailes hits the big screen.

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By Rob Gronkowski's standards, it's been a boring few weeks.

The New England Patriots tight end, known for his propensity to party, has had to lay low recently while he rehabs his fractured forearm.

But not to worry, Gronk is never far from the camera.

On Wednesday, Gronkowski made his debut as a guest host ESPN's SportsCenter, and it was hilarious. Despite a few flubs, Gronkowski puts in a solid performance here.

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In Gronkowski's defense, it's never easy to follow Billy Crystal.

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The U.S. men's soccer team emerged from Azteca Stadium in Mexico City with a rare tie on Tuesday night, and it appears as though some American fans paid the price for their team's result.

The YouTube user "louididdy" posted a video Wednesday of the post-game ruckus in the stadium's stands. You can see what appear to be cups of beer flying through the air shortly after the final whistle.

To be fair, one could argue that the American fans were goading their Mexican counterparts, what with their chanting and all. But still, this looks ugly.

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And according to some who were in the stands, beer wasn't the only object being hurled after the game.

It appears most fans came away unharmed, with one notable exception.

(H/T to The Big Lead)

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Next time you're on the golf course and looking to impress your friends, here's something you can do.

In a new video published Tuesday by Callaway, Phil Mickelson explains his signature flop shot. In this trick, Lefty stands a few feet away from a trusty volunteer. Then he somehow manages to lift the ball over the head of his obstacle.

Check it out below. Mickelson explains his approach and actually pulls off the shot at the :47 mark.

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Of course, this looks simple for Mickelson to do. He also makes the game of golf look easy, so take this video for what it's worth.

(H/T to Business Insider)

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A Welsh man has gone from local legend to global celebrity, all in the span of a few days.

A video was posted on Facebook recently of Andrew Cassidy, a former fisherman doing some impressive juggling of a soccer ball. The video is grainy, and Cassidy is in a dirty-looking parking lot, but no matter, as the original, expletive-laden clip has accumulated more than 1.2 million views on YouTube.

Cassidy's unbelievable skills, plus the fact that he is quite nimble for a 280-pound man, have some people calling him the "Welsh Maradona."

The 50-year-old Cassidy worked as a fisherman until he was laid off in 2002. Now he spends two hours a day practicing his soccer juggling. Apparently, Cassidy has been doing his tricks in the parking lot for years, but he's been spurred to fame by the 45-second video.

"I'm quite agile for a big guy and I've got good hand-eye coordination, balance and timing," he told the Daily Mail. "I'm pretty good even though I've got a lot of blubber on me: it's just a matter of practice and I've got plenty of time on my hands for that."

Not only has Cassidy become a worldwide sensation, he has also received an invitation to guest star at at the opening ceremony of the upcoming World Freestyle Football Championships in Dubai.

"It's crazy to think that so many people have seen my skills - this is just what I do," Cassidy said. "Sometimes kids will have a kick around with me but they always leave after I've shown them up."

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Anytime you can beat Dwight Howard, and set a world record while doing it, you know you've accomplished something special.

And it appears that Mike May, a former BYU basketball player and an assistant principal from Utah, has done just that.

In a video posted a few days ago, May appears to sink a 53-foot shot while sitting down. If the video is legitimate, it may be a new world record. Three years ago, Howard set the mark of 52 feet and six inches at the NBA's All-Star weekend.

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Not too shabby.

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If you only watch one karate kick knockout all day, make it this one.

This video comes from the PPO Karate Championships in Ulyanovsk, Russia, where the fighters are apparently competing under Shinkyokushin rules. That means there's no protective gear, and blows to the head are allowed with only the leg or the foot.

After some sparring, one of the fighters decides to make quick work of his opponent with an extremely athletic kick to the neck.

This looks like it hurt.

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You've got to love the confidence in this guy. Not only does he attempt this extremely risky move, afterwards he gets up and walks away looking like he just won the lottery.

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Normally, when we bring you videos of basketball fans participating in a shooting contest at halftime of a game, the person is a talented shooter. Or at least they make a ridiculous shot and win a crazy prize.

Well, this isn't one of those videos.

You see, the man featured in this video is a poor shooter. In fact, he struggles to make a basket. But other than that minor detail, everything else about him is fantastic.

During a game in Serbia between KK Partizan and KK Igokea, this guy made his way onto the court to try a few shots. As it turns out, he's pretty bad. But, perhaps to compensate for his poor shooting, he proceeds to take his shirt off and work the crowd like a pro.

Give this guy credit. Not only does he remove his shirt multiple times, he even tries a shot while the team is warming up. He also high-fives a security guard, kisses a man who may be the team's coach and gets lots of love from his fellow fans.

Well played, sir.

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(H/T to Total Pro Sports)

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