When someone attempts a stunt inspired by Mary Poppins, you know it's going to be good.

Professional extreme athlete Erik Roner wanted to see if it really was possible to pull off one of Mary Poppins' signature moves -- descending to earth with an umbrella. So he hitched his umbrella to an air balloon, and at a certain height he set himself free.

As you'll see, things didn't exactly go according to plan for Roner. The air pressure turned the umbrella inside out, forcing Roner to ditch the umbrella and rely on his parachute. He made it to the ground in one piece, the umbrella wasn't so lucky.

It's unclear whether Mary Poppins packed an extra parachute in case the same thing ever happened to her.

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This got us thinking, what other Disney stunts would we like to see in real life?

--The Peter Pan and Captain Hook sword fighting scene
--The floating house from Up
--The flying carpet from Aladdin
--Anything from Toy Story

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For a few joyous seconds, Washington Wizards fans thought their team had pulled off a spectacular win over the Detroit Pistons on Wednesday night.

It appeared, on TV and even to many at the Verizon Center, that Trevor Ariza's last-second three-pointer had gone in. Alas, it was simply an optical illusion.

Veteran Wizards play-by-play man Steve Buckhantz was so sure the shot had gone in that he let out his trademark "Dagger!" call. Phil Chenier, Buckhantz's broadcaster partner, thought the Wizards had won the game as well.

Horror quickly ensued, as replays showed the ball didn't even touch the rim. And to make matters worse, Buckhantz had to retract the "Dagger!" call for the first time in his career.

In defense of Buckhantz, the Pistons broadcasters were also fooled and made the wrong call. But since the Detroit announcer thought the Pistons had lost, his call was decidedly less enthusiastic that the one Buckhantz made:

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Buckhantz explained his mistake on a D.C. radio program on Thursday, saying he and Chenier have changed locations this year, moving from courtside to about 20 rows up.

"It’s just unfortunate," Buckhantz told ESPN 980. "You’re at a different angle and things look a little different sometimes. You know, you live by the dagger and you die by it."

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Riding bicycles through a piece of burning cardboard may not sound like the safest idea, but the Findon Skid Kids in Australia have been doing it for more than half a century and it's become somewhat of a tradition for the teen cycling club.

Organizers might want to reconsider that tradition after this year's stunt, which took place a few days ago, went horribly wrong.

Two 15-year-old boys and a 16-year-old girl were doing the fire jump for the first time as part of the Findon Skid Kids' 55th birthday celebration. When the teens rode through the blaze, the burning cardboard didn't separate into two pieces, as it normally does, and the bikers caught fire.

They were immediately covered with blankets and taken to a local hospital. The riders suffered second-degree burns.

"It felt like the cardboard was on me, which it was," Trent Forester told 7News of the experience. "It was really hot. It was excruciating."

The error occurred in the set-up of the stunt. Only one piece of cardboard was used, and therefore it didn't break up when lit on fire. Luckily, the riders were well-protected.

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Even after this horrific accident, organizers say they look forward to putting on the stunt again next year.

"We will be doing it again in the future," Findon Skid Kids president Mick Harley said. "What we will be doing in the future is making sure [the cardboard] has the split down the centre and making sure it's done correctly."

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The Oregon Duck is one busy bird.

When he's not running for president, fighting other mascots or losing his head in a skydiving accident, Puddles is running through art museums, recreating scenes from famous movies.

In a video released this week, Puddles and two buddies wander through Oregon's Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art just like Ferris Bueller and his two friends famously made their way through the Art Institute of Chicago. And Puddles' trip is just as beautiful.

The only difference between these two scenes is that the Oregon rendition of John Hughes' movie has a slightly different ending.

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And here's the original scene:

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Granted, you probably haven't seen too many handball highlights, but it's safe to say this will be the best one you've ever seen.

In a clip that is gaining steam online, U.S. Ivry goalie Francois Xavier Chapon lifted his foot to stop a shot from close range against Chambéry Savoie. The ball hit Chapon's shoe and ricocheted all the way to the other goal.

You've got to see this to believe it:

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(H/T to The Guardian)

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Here's a shot that Grant Hill and Christian Laettner would be proud of.

During a third-grade basketball game in Dubuque, Iowa, Mason Kunkel caught an inbounds pass, turned around and launched a desperation shot. Somehow, the ball found the hoop.

Making this story even more amazing is the fact that Kunkel's shot won the game for his team in overtime.

Check it out:

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The sport of badminton isn't known to produce lots of highlight-reel moments, but you'll want to see this trending video of an amazing point that took place at the Strasbourg Masters.

The video features Julien Maio (in black) making some incredible saves to keep his point alive. Finally, after falling to the ground near the net, Maio makes a spectacular last-ditch effort to win the point.

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A few weeks ago a fan at a Miami Heat game made a halfcourt shot and promptly got tackled by LeBron James.

A Los Angeles Clippers fan got it a little better on Thursday.

After sinking a halfcourt shot, Clippers season-ticket holder Hagop Blikian was the one who did the hugging. And rather than getting tackled by an NBA power forward, Blikian got to embrace his children as well as a blonde woman wearing a Chris Paul jersey.

And, oh yeah, he won a Dodge Dart.

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According to the Los Angeles Times, Blikian is the first person to make the shot this year.

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When a table tennis shot has 150,000 views on YouTube, you know it's the real deal.

And take it from us, French table tennis star Quentin Robinot's behind-the-back flick is legit.

In a recent match against Kiryl Barabanov at the Kuwait Open, Robinot scored a point by knocking a splendid winner past a stunned Barabanov.

It seems like even Robinot couldn't believe his luck with this shot:

Ping Pong

John Grant Jr. has won a combined four NLL and MLL MVPs in his storied professional lacrosse career, but those awards pale in comparison to what he accomplished in a recently released trick shot video.

The 38-year-old Grant pulls out all the stops in this compilation. He does lacrosse's version of skeet shooting, he nails a water bottle off the head of Colorado Mammoth GM Steve Govett and he hits goals from all over the Pepsi Center.

Check it out:

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