This weekend's Super Bowl is not just a matchup of the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers; it's a celebration of all things NFL.

So even if your team was down and out for the entire year (looking at you, Jaguars fans) or hasn't been to the Super Bowl in what feels like forever (looking at you, Chiefs fans), there are still reasons to revel in the excitement this weekend.

Take this video from the NOC, for example. These guys reviewed the previous 46 Super Bowls, one by one depicting each team's fan base.

Some of the highlights:

Super Bowl V -- Colts fan: "Johnny U with his only Super Bowl victory!" ... Dallas fan: "But his hair lives on forever in Ivan Drago."
Super Bowl XIV -- Steelers fan: "Fourth Super Bowl win!" ... Rams fan: "One for each of Terry Bradshaw's hairs."
Super Bowl XXXVI -- Raiders fan: "The Bucs won the Super Bowl?" ... Bucs fan: "I know, we were surprised too."

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The Super Bowl commercial game is evolving, and we are all witnesses.

Rather than wait until Sunday to debut their spots, lots of companies have released teasers for their advertisements already. This way, the companies are effectively whetting the consumer's appetite and heightening the excitement.

And while there are certainly lots of commercials to look forward to, one of the most anticipated is the Samsung spot. Samsung, which created one of the most popular tech commercials of last year, is continuing it's "Next Big Thing" campaign with funnymen Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd.

The two-minute ad, which also stars Breaking Bad's Bob Odenkirk and is directed by Jon Favreau, will premier during the Super Bowl. But if you want a sneak peak, check out this new 60-second teaser. It features Rogen, Rudd and Odenkirk trying to think of a way to pitch Samsung during the big game without actually saying the words, "Super Bowl." Hilarity ensues.

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No matter how many times we see basketball-related marriage proposals, and we've actually seen a few, they never get old.

But a new video from an Iowa high school basketball coach may be the best yet.

Brandon Barnhart, the sophomore basketball coach at Central Clinton De Witt, recently arranged this extensive proposal for his girlfriend, Hannah, and it is wonderful. Barnhart combined the student section, his basketball squad and a Bruno Mars song to make this timeless moment even more unforgettable.

Here are a few moments to look out for while watching this video:

--1:10: When Hannah first hears the words, "I think I want to marry you" from Bruno Mars' song "Marry You," she immediately blushes. After being unsure at first, she now knows what she's in for.

--3:15: After Brandon proposes and Hannah says yes, you can see Brandon do a little first pump with his right hand. It's as if to say, "She said yes!" Adorable.

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(H/T to Big Lead Sports)

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If you thought Keith Letourneau was the world's biggest (and craziest) Ravens fan, wait unti you check out this guy.

In a video posted earlier this week, a Russian man shows his undying support for the Ravens by filming himself in different parts of Moscow, wearing a Joe Flacco jersey and singing various songs. And did we mention it looks like it's freezing?

"Black and purple, B-More representing!" he says at the beginning of the video. "Ball So Hard University!"

The combination of the fake background sound and this guy's off-key singing give this video an extremely high rating on the unintentional comedy scale.

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Foot Locker has scored some pretty big names for their commercials: Russell Westbrook, Kyrie Irving, Chris Bosh, Carmelo Anthony and more.

So which NBA star joined James Harden in the company's most recent spot? That's right, Kris Humphries.

In a commercial released this week, Harden threatens to expel a member of his crew for wearing the same shoes twice. He says the last friend who made that mistake was traded to Kris Humphries' entourage.

And let's be honest, there are few worse punishments than having to join Kris Humphries' entourage.

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Say what you will about Humphries, but Foot Locker managed to make this spot pretty funny.

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During a crucial stretch of Winston-Salem State's game against Elizabeth City State two weeks ago, senior guard Justin Glover went up for a between-the-legs dunk ... and missed.

So naturally, when his Rams took a more secure lead late in the game, Glover had to redeem himself.

In a video which is quickly going viral, the 6-foot-3 Glover catches the ball ahead of everyone on a fast break. He proceeds to race into the paint and throw down a monstrous between-the-legs slam. His teammates, as well as everyone in the arena, go crazy.

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Denver mayor Michael Hancock is a man of his word.

Hancock made a friendly wager with Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake on the Broncos-Ravens AFC divisional contest. After Denver lost Hancock was obligated to perform Ray Lewis' famous "Squirrel" dance.

But before he could bust out his moves, Hancock was injured when he was coming off stage at the National Western Stock Show. Hancock's office explained that, while he was injured in pregame warmups, he "expected to be on the field in the second half, ready to carry out the game plan and fulfill his end of the wager."

Hancock probably could have used his injury as an excuse to avoid doing the dance. After all, no one outside of Baltimore would have remembered that the mayor agreed to the wager in the first place.

But Hancock fought on, learned the dance, and performed it recently. His office even made a cheeky video to prove it. And you know what? He's not that bad:

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No word on whether Hancock used deer-antler spray to speed up his recovery.

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These days kids are starting sports at younger and younger ages.

Recently we've been introduced to a 5-year-old billiards prodigy, a 9-year-old tennis sensation and even a 4-year-old basketball star.

And now we've got another future world champion to add to the club.

In recent days a video of a young boxer has been trending, and you can see why. This young girl, who is supposedly from Kazakhstan, appears incredibly focused and disciplined beyond her years.

Warning: Background music in this video contains some explicit language.

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Jason David Frank's unique career took another interesting turn recently when the former Power Rangers actor set a new world record by breaking seven pine boards during a skydive in Texas.

The 39-year-old Frank, who is perhaps best known for his portrayal of the green and white Power Rangers on the extremely popular action series, is also a karate expert and an MMA fighter. He recently took a reprieve from fighting to attempt to break this wacky world record.

As you'll see in the video below, Frank is surrounded by skydivers holding pine boards. One by one, Frank smashes his way into the Guinness Book of World Records.

(H/T to Geekologie)

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If you thought Charles Barkley was hilariously irreverent when talking basketball, wait until you see him forecast the weather.

The TNT broadcaster and former NBA star popped in on ABC 15 in Arizona recently, and unexpectedly (for weatherman Randy Kollins at least) took a turn in front of the green screen.

And, not surprisingly, Barkley was not afraid to speak his mind about the weather. When a graphic labeled a 54-degree day as "chilly," Barkley responded, "That's 54, that's not chilly."

Barkley also takes a shot at his own golf skills, and you'll want to watch until the end if you're interested to know whether Barkley's plants survived Arizona's recently cold streak.

(H/T to Backyard Sports)

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