At the Zonhoven Open contest in Belgium, Marcell Endrey of Hungary solved a Rubik's Cube while blindfolded in just 28.80 seconds to set a new world record.

The previous mark of 30.58 seconds was held by Yuhui Xu of China.

In the video below, check out the kid sitting behind Endrey at the 42-second mark of the clip and see how similar his reaction is to yours.

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There's a little bit of cringing and a little bit of glee when a pro golfer whiffs on a shot. One the one hand, we've all been there and it's nice to know the best in the world screw up too. On the other hand, a mis-hit in front of hundreds or thousands is hard to watch.

But sometimes -- rarely -- we can enjoy both the error and the end result. Consider Angela Stanford's first-round gaffe at the HSBC Women's Champions:

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Remember Field Day, that glorious all-day recess of potato sack races, water balloon volleyball and barrel rolls? Well, if Sunday's Northern Trust Open was a Field Day for golf lovers, then this Phil Mickelson fan deserves the blue ribbon.

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Video courtesy of Dan McQuade's Twitter @dhm

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