Lots of people talk about how great Tom Brady's numbers are. Just look at his completion percentage, his touchdown-to-interception ratio, his yards passing ...

No, not those numbers. We're talking about his actual numbers. His jersey number. His birthdate. According to Beverly Hills celebrity numerologist Tania Gabrielle, those are the numbers that will really matter on Super Bowl Sunday. And for Tom Terrific, they likely add up to victory.

Gabrielle -- who is also an Astro-Numerologist and Composer -- uses the meanings of names, dates and cycles to help decipher if the numbers will equal success. For the purpose of our story, she analyzed everything about Brady and New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning to determine which player will have the edge when they take the field in Indianapolis. And as if Brady doesn’t have enough things going for him, now it seems the number 12 could equal 4 -- as in his fourth ring.

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Choreographed wedding surprises are all the rage these days. From a dance party breaking out in the middle of the ceremony to the typically tender father-bride dance turning into a high energy medley, wedding are getting all shook up.

But we must confess that this latest number might be our favorite, simply for the song chosen. Groom Brian surprises bride Emily with a Justin Bieber tribute at Continental Club in Orange Park, Fla. Now, say what you want about Bieber, he's got his millions of fans, and good for him. However, grown men aren't really part of those millions, so the groom breaking out a dance with his groomsmen to the tune of "Baby" is pretty bold. Also hilariously awesome. Just watch and enjoy.

You have to hand it to the fellas, the choreography was solid, the props were a nice touch (especially the mop hair) and there weren't any noticeable slip-ups. You can't help but be impressed, not just with the effort, but a production that stands up there with all of the wedding videos that have hit the web in the last year.

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In a few short weeks, you'll probably be chowing down on a bowl of chips and dip to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday. Everyone has their favorite recipes for guacamole, bean dip and salsa, but what about the chips? Have you ever stopped to wonder how those chips, say Doritos, are made?

John Ramsey, Jack Dreesen and David Ward of Austin, Texas, stepped up to the salty, crunchy plate to answer that very question.

Check out their entry into the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl commercial contest:

The idea sprang from Ramsey's vision of a local access craft show, with a Bob Ross type showing you how to make Doritos. But after writing the first draft, they felt the ending was "a little soft."

"After thinking about it, we came up with the 'making gold ending,'" says Dreesen. "That being a logical conclusion to what would happen when you're doing alchemy."

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