Youth Football Nae Nae

On most plays, football players smash their heads into each other and try to move a leather ball a few yards forward. In rare cases, players "Whip."

The Milford Mighty Mites, a youth team in Milford, Massachusetts, scrimmaged at halftime of a varsity football game last Friday. When Silentó's "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) was put on the sound system, all bets were off. Players on both teams abandoned football to do the "Whip" and "Nae Nae."

The Milford coaches just let it play out, and the crowd can be heard buzzing over the Mighty Mites' cuteness. No one came to the varsity game expecting to see little kids in oversized pads shunning football to dance.

Jon Gruden's head is exploding watching the secondary break down to do the "Stanky Legg."

Riley Curry, show us how it is done:

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