Stephen Curry seemed unbeatable. He had the MVP award, he'd led his team to the NBA championship.

Then he went to China and played a young girl one-on-one. Finally, Curry proved mortal, and the Chinese youth celebrated her victory on her home turf.

Curry, to his credit, was in town as part of the Under Armour Roadshow, which is bringing the MVP to different locales throughout China. In his time in front of the crowd, Curry showed off some moves typically not seen on NBA courts, including some legitimate streetball skills:

Playing against the young girl -- who said she was 12 -- Curry does a little too much showboating when handling the ball, and his inattentive defense isn't enough to shut down the budding basketball talent.

And that talented player made some tough layups and displayed some legitimate on-court prowess, which should be enough to wow the crowd even if Curry was only giving partial effort.

The fun part of this story will be when the NBA resumes in October and Curry picks right up where he left off, torching his opponents with his unstoppable stroke, while a youngster in China has a story to tell for the rest of her life.

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