What do you get when you combine teenage emotions, co-ed cheerleading and a national championship broadcast by ESPN?

If you guessed "an incredible, tear-soaked celebration video," congratulations -- you are correct.

At this year's 2015 Cheerleading Worlds Championship in Orlando, the Cheer Extreme All-Stars Coed Elite from Kernersville, North Carolina, earned their first-ever championship. But early on, it didn't look like the team would have the chance: Two of Cheer Extreme's best tumblers went down due to injuries on the first day, which seemed to spell disaster.

But, in the tradition of champions that don't let mere flesh wounds dash their dreams, Cheer Extreme rallied together and put up a good effort. As the final rankings were announced, Gavin Barbour started taking video of himself, capturing the emotional moments as his team awaited their fate.

Make no mistake: This video is incredible.

As the top three teams were announced, Barbour starts to break down under the pressure, or stress, or maybe he's just a very emotional teenager on a team filled with very emotional teenagers. Whatever the case, all that pent-up energy is released like a volcano when Cheer Extreme is announced as the champions at Worlds.

Congratulations, Cheer Extreme. You've made the big-time. But with success comes expectations, and cheerleading squads the world over will be giving you their best shot. Next year's world championship begins today. Here is some inspiration:

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