Of all the gripping footage from the Mount Everest avalanche, triggered by the 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Nepal, this clip from German climber Jost Kobusch might be the most intense. Kobusch is shooting video at Everest's South Base Camp when the rumbling begins. "The ground is shaking," someone is heard saying on the video. But the tone quickly shifts from intrigue to fear as they realize that it's an impending avalanche. Sherpas and climbers scramble to brace for the impact, and as you might suspect under such frightening conditions, there is plenty of NSFW language.

Here is a photo of base camp that Kobusch posted to his blog 10 days before the avalanche:

Here is a photo that Kobusch posted of himself on his Instagram account a few weeks ago as he was preparing to tackle Everest:

#Warming up in the #lodge at 3400m

A photo posted by Jost Kobusch (@jostkobusch) on

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