Maryland pulled off a big upset of No. 5 Wisconsin on Tuesday night, but that's hardly what has the Internet abuzz. You don't have to be a basketball fan to appreciate the show that Terps fans put on during a break from the game, when the school's mascot came out to lead the entire arena through a choreographed flash dance.

Judging from the video, it looks like Maryland's student section was the main group of people involved in the dance, which features a surprising number of moves -- not the least a wave-like stripping away of coats to reveal bold yellow shirts. The students were ringed around the lower bowl of the arena, creating an impressive display that translates well to video:

Maybe the flash mob didn't directly affect the game's results, but it had to boost the crowd's energy in what wound up being a signature win on the program's NCAA tournament resume.

Here's the flash mob from a fan perspective:

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