While the sports world was captivated last week with the lead-up to the Super Bowl, fans may have missed the video showing one of the NFL's fallen stars racing a comedian in the middle of the street.

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, who missed all but one game in 2014 as he dealt with the fallout from a child abuse scandal, attended one of Kevin Hart's shows in Austin last week.

The 2012 NFL MVP and the 2012 NBA Celebrity All-Star Game MVP took this photo after the show:

Hart boldly challenged Peterson to a 40-yard dash. Perhaps Hart had forgotten that the six-time Pro Bowler ran a 4.38 40-yard dash at the NFL combine in 2007. Or perhaps he was just being his usual, jocular self.

Either way, things didn't turn out so well for Hart. After Peterson slipped, allowing Hart to take a lead at the start of the race, Peterson quickly passed Hart and finished well ahead of him.

This may not be the last time we see Peterson running a race. The 29-year-old is at odds with the NFL over his suspension, and he has threatened that if the league doesn't budge, he'll retire and pursue his dream of running in the Olympics.

Peterson was a track star at Westwood High School in east Texas, and his 100-meter time of 10.33 seconds earned him a second place finish at the 2003 state track meet.