In a new video posted to YouTube, Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III turns up the sideline and sprints to an impressive 72-yard touchdown against the Minnesota Vikings.

Griffing then leaps into the stands to receive the adulation of Washington fans. The clip, from a 2012 game, contains just one little change:

The logo featuring the 'Redskins' mascot has been erased.

The 38-second video, published Friday by the National Congress of American Indians, has removed the mascot from Griffin's helmet in an effort to illustrate how getting rid of the controversial logo would change Washington football. The clear message is that it wouldn't change the football at all.

After Griffin's touchdown run, the video displays the words "Take it away and it's still Washington football."

Then comes the call to action: "Change the mascot."

The video's release during the lead-up to the Super Bowl is also done with intention. The YouTube description bills the video as "the #BigGame commercial the NFL would never dream of airing."

The call to change the mascot has grown louder in recent years, with shows like Comedy Central's "South Park" And "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" slamming supporters of the Redskins logo.

Despite the growing dissent, Washington owner Dan Snyder has vowed to never change the mascot, arguing that it honors Native Americans. So far, there's no indication he will change his stance unless forced.

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