If there's a disadvantage to Jeff Gordon's thirst for victory, it looks like we've found it.

The Washington Wizards brought in Gordon to participate in an on-court tricycle race during Tuesday night's game, matching the NASCAR legend up against an unassuming NBA fan. When the proverbial starter's pistol went off, Gordon took off.

And almost immediately, he destroyed his competition.

For all the entertainment of watching Gordon smile, holler and celebrate while riding a tricycle built for a full-size man, the best part of this clip might be listening to Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley provide color commentary. While Smith yells "Don't do it, Jeff! You've got too much respect!" at the start of the race, his counterpart Barkley is able to fully enjoy what unfolds in front of them.

And while it's true that Gordon's trike race is weird, even unsettling, no one can deny that it makes for good television.

Gordon wasn't bashful about celebrating his victory, either.

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