It only took six seconds for Karon Keyes to become a viral sensation.

Keyes, a junior wide receiver at Glenbard East in suburban Chicago, is the subject of a new Vine video that has quickly gained millions of views.

The video takes place at the Boom Football team tryout, where the high schoolers are performing a drill in which a defender tries to cover an offensive player. Things didn't go so well for the unfortunate young man tasked with defending Keyes.

Here's the video:

The defender's ankles have drawn lots of sympathy on Twitter:

The sports community has been tricked by high school football highlights before, but this seems real. A look at Keyes' Twitter profile shows the teenager is reveling in his newfound fame:

According to the man who filmed the video, Gus Ramos, Boom was started by former NFL fullback J.R. Niklos.

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