Earlier this year, a man competing on "Wheel of Fortune" guessed the phrase "New Baby Buggy" after only receiving the first two letters of the first word.

As amazing as that feat was, it was upstaged recently by a man nailing an even longer phrase after only being given one letter.

In an episode of "Wheel of Fortune" that aired Dec. 26, Matt DeSanto correctly guessed "The Lone Ranger" after only seeing the "E" from the word "lone." DeSanto, a father from Philadelphia, turned out to be somewhat of a savant. He solved every puzzle before the bonus round and earned a record $91,892. DeSanto was the first contestant since 2011 to win every puzzle of the main round.

Here's the spectacular guess that has turned DeSanto into an overnight sensation:

In an interview with NJPen.com, DeSanto said that as he was taping, he didn't realize his impressive performance was a show record.

“I didn’t put it together because I was really trying to solve the puzzle,” DeSanto said. "I didn’t have a great grasp of that margin of victory. I was really rooting for my co-players."

DeSanto was ultimately stumped by the finale puzzle, when he could not guess "Wooden Gavel."

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