When diners at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Cincinnati saw Andy Dalton appear on TVs throughout the restaurant, the Bengals quarterback was about to speak at a press conference. But the fans didn't realize that Dalton and his friends at Pepsi were getting ready to prank them.

Dalton's "press conference" was really part of a commercial being filmed at the Buffalo Wild Wings.

"It was cool to surprise people," Dalton said. "You could see how excited everybody was."

The commercial begins with Dalton answering questions while seated behind a microphone. But Dalton then asks a female patron to not text while he is answering the question. The shocked diners continue to watch as Dalton talks to two other people in the restaurant. Dalton even asks for a sip of one patron's Pepsi. Here's how it unfolded:

The fans probably didn't mind being clowned because not only did they get to meet Dalton, but he also passed out tickets to the Bengals’ first preseason home game against the New York Jets. The Bengals lost to the Jets, 25-17, and won just one of their four exhibition games. At the time, Dalton said, "I feel really confident in what we are going to do this year."

The Bengals have lived up to that assertion from Dalton by starting 4-1 in the regular season to lead their division.