World Cup players are not the only individuals relevant to American television every four years. Many of the broadcasters also become popular every mid-term election year.

This year's ESPN World Cup broadcasting bunch has included, among others, British host Lynsey Hipgrave, current player Landon Donovan and former players American Alexi Lalas, German Michael Ballack and Dutchman Ruud van Nistelrooy. All five were satirized in a cartoon posted on YouTube by storyboard artist, voice actor and writer Sean Rohani.

Without spoiling the video, Lalas is labeled a strong personality, clashing with Ballack and van Nistelrooy's more laid back-style. Donovan is also poked fun at for his somewhat awkward satellite appearances.

The video appears to be met with positive responses from the subjects:

Mike Tirico, Taylor Twellman, Roberto Martinez and others escape scrutiny.