Until running across this video, we weren't aware that there is a world record for Rollerskating Limbo. But we're pretty sure that 6-year-old Gagan Satish of Bangalore, India, deserves the honor after seeing him do the splits on roller skates, flatten his torse and cruise under 39 cars. Apparently his status is under review from the Guinness World Records officials.

According to this report from Barcroft TV, Satish covered the distance of nearly 230 feet in 29.8 seconds, and the space between the ground and the bottom of the cars was 7 7⁄8 inches. The previous distance record, set two years ago by a 5-year-old in India, was 157 feet.

Satish has been skating since he received a pair of skates on his third birthday and works with a coach, who had initially turned him down for being too young.