An Ohio teenager had already made a name for himself with dazzling backyard trick shots into his basketball hoop.

Now Kevin Libertowski of Cleveland may have accomplished his greatest feat yet -- with a broken wrist, no less. Watch as Libertowski backflips on a trampoline and tosses the ball in from long range.

Libertowski is the on-camera half of KDP Trick Shots, which includes fellow Cleveland teenager Ryan Grauel. He broke his wrist last month while attempting a dunk in the backyard. But the teen didn't let that stop him from combining the high-jump, soccer and basketball into one. The trick shot looks almost too good to be true, although at least it's more believable than this John Wall self alley-oop.

Libertowski appears to compete in the pole vault for his high school, so that certainly gives him some more credibility. Perhaps whatever college he attends should open up an intramural program for trampoline shooting, so we can see it live.

In the meantime, you can wish Libertowski a speedy recovery on the wrist. Here is how he sustained the injury: