Hard work and impressive dedication paid off for 9-year-old Sabre Norris.

The young girl from New South Wales, Australia tried and tried to land a 540 on a vert. In fact, she attempted the trick 74 times in one day, failing each time. But then this happened:

There's nothing quite like a child's yelp of joy when she accomplishes something for the first time.

In the description on the video's YouTube page, Sabre says she's been skating for three years.

"My skating all started because I wasn't allowed to get a bike because we don't have a garage," she says. "So my mum bought us skateboards instead. I started from rolling down my dad's business car park."

Sabre credits Lyndsey Adams Hawkins, the first woman to land a McTwist 540 in competition, as her inspiration.