Most professional sports executives are wary of their players posting videos to Instagram of themselves partying, but members of the New York Giants' front office can't help but smile at clips that defensive back Prince Amukamara uploaded this weekend.

Amukamara attended a Bar Mitzvah and, from the looks of it, he had a blast.

The 24-year-old Amukamara, the Giants' 2011 first-round draft pick, posted a handful of videos to Instagram of himself and his new friends jamming out.

The first clip was accompanied by this caption: 'Bar Mitzvahs are no joke!!!'

Amukamara posted a few other videos, including this one with the song "Selfie" playing in the background. Appropriately, Amukamara is filming a video selfie while the song is playing. Amazingly, Amukamara seems to be enjoying the tune as much as the teenage girls behind him.

Amukamara must have been thrilled to see his jersey make an appearance at the party. Of course, he had to take a video:

It's neat to see a pro like Amukamara genuinely having a good time at an event like this. It's one thing to make an appearance at an event like this, it's another to tear up the dance floor.

After injuries hampered him the first few years of his career, Amukamara has finally found some stability at cornerback, and he started all 16 games of 2013 for the Giants. Earlier this month the team announced that it would pick up his contract option for the 2015 season.