Who says Miami fans aren't passionate?

In a video uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday, a hilarious and well-informed grandmother cheers on the Heat during Game 4 of the team's Eastern Conference Finals series against the Indiana Pacers. Her grandson films her as she watches her team dismantle the Pacers, and her commentary is wonderful.

Some of her best lines include:

"I like Wade, but he's not that great, really."

"He's a crybaby, every time they find fault with him, he's crying."

"Don't be fighting because you did it. I saw it."

"What are you blowing your whistle about? Just don't blow it at LeBron, you can blow it at the other guys."

This woman seems to know a lot about the Heat and the rules of the game, but the true test of her basketball fandom? Like every other NBA fan, she hates Joey Crawford.

(H/T to Deadspin)